Creating Our New Shop Windows

One of the best partsĀ  about having a shop is the window dressing and for me it is serious business! Not only is it the face of the store, enticing all passers by to come in and explore, but an outlet for my frustrated fine artist side! I always try to create a mood of wonder and enchantment, a little vitrine of dreams. So what is better than this anatomy of a window for my first blog?

My love of all things distressed, aged, and antique was the inspiration for this window,with a nod to the sculpture of Louise Nevelson. First we scoured our county in upstate New York for a hodgepodge of antique tools, toys, chairs, furniture parts, sporting equipment and even a pair of crutches to make our display! We built out the window parts at our country house as usual since our office in Manhattan is a bit lacking in the room department. Here is a sneak peek at the building process and the final results. Have fun!

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Our booty! To move all the odds and ends we collected all over Columbia County, we had to fill our garden cart and move all to the front yard for assembly . I especially love the large wooden screw!


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